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Diploma and Certificate Program

We offer career-oriented and fast-track College Diploma programs, which can be completed in as short as less than one year. Our programs are highly demanded diploma programs leading to career in popular industries.

Career pathway

We strive to help students develop and achieve their career goals. Students graduating from our programs are guaranteed to a successful career.

Financial support

We have various financial support options for our students, including government funding and subsidies from the government, second career funding, EI, WSIB, etc. Students do not have to worry about not being able to afford their tuition.

Ontario College Diploma Program

Toursim and Hospitality Management

Through this Tourism and Hospitality diploma program, you would be able to learn about the nature of the market, operations management in travel agencies and hotels, the latest technologies in the tourism industry, fundamental revenue management, and marketing techniques. The program will also build your qualifications through certifications and improvement of competencies that are necessary to gain employment in this multibillion-dollar industry.

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Information Technology

In this Information Technology diploma program, you will be able to know the fundamental parts within computer networks, different programming languages, algorithms and optimization techniques in query processing as well as configuration and managing various operating systems. Not only will you be able to learn about concepts of Cyber-physical systems such as security issues, privacy concerns and attackers, but also understanding cloud computing solutions.

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Certificate Program and Training Courses

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