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Public vs. Private College

College is becoming a very popular option for students to pursue their post-secondary education. College is a great fit for students who wish to develop practical skills needed in the workforce and hands-on experience in actual work environment. College education focuses on a blend of academic learning and practical skills training, students will benefit from hands-on technical training and real-world projects, and co-op opportunity to gain experience in an actual work placement.

As college is becoming more popular over the years, it is worthy for students to become familiar to different types of colleges as this will help them to decide the option that’s best suitable for them.

Many students struggle between public and private colleges; in this blog, we will introduce the main differences between them.

Public colleges usually get most their funding from local governments and private colleges are usually funded by donations or student tuition. Another main difference is their size. Public colleges have way more students than private colleges. Class size is also another major difference; private colleges keep classes small, ensuring one-on-one interaction between students and instructors.

There are several advantages that engage students to prefer private college over public college.

Program Length:

Most public college programs require a four-year of study period while many private college offer 2 to 3 year programs that allow students to enter the workforce in a shorter time frame. This is a huge advantage for adult students who are urgently seeking for job.


Since private colleges have smaller size, they offer more flexibility in terms of class schedules. Students are not restricted to typical post-secondary school schedules, which is beneficial for adult students who cannot devote all their time to studies.


Most private colleges provide career-focused and technical skills training that are necessary to join the work force. This is a great option for people who wish to change their career; they can acquire knowledge and skills required in a short time frame.

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