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Canada Job Search Tips

This blog summarized a few tips regarding to the job search process.

Job Search Methods

Many employers prefer recommendations from acquaintances; therefore, it is important for you to look for every opportunity to tell everyone you know that you are seeking for a job. And let everyone know your specific ability, specialty, and industry. It is important for you to develop your network; it is very common for people to find a job through friend’s recommendation.


Almost 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary search tool. Therefore, it is very important for you to develop a great LinkedIn profile. A LinkedIn profile is different from a resume. You are free to add interesting facts that make you stand out as a person, in other words you need to showcase your personality through other non-profession related facts. The following summarized some aspects that you can include in your profile:

  • Your character traits
  • Life outside of work
  • Successful past experience

A Solid Cover Letter:

Canadian recruiters like to evaluate applicants by cover letters. The human resource team is usually the first to examine and filter resume and cover letters, and it is common that they do not have professional knowledge related to the job; therefore, most of them filter applicants by qualifications highlighted in the resume and personality demonstrated in the cover letter. It is important for you to persuade the recruiters in the cover letter. The key is to highlight the qualifications that are required to succeed in the position, and to show that you are a capable and trust worthy worker.

A Solid Resume:

Many people show their competencies through emphasizing past successful experiences in their resume. However, it is important that the resume is accurate and truthful. Interviewers usually have strong background knowledge, they can easily identify if you exaggerated your resume. Another common mistake is that people tend to include too many details in their resumes. Employers prefer resumes within one page of length, and written in a precise, clear manner. Resumes that are too long and with no focus will usually be overlooked.

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