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Tourism Program Outlook

Tourism and hospitality is a highly diverse and globalized industry with rapid growth. It was reported that the hospitality industry makes $7.6 trillion in the global economy. In 2018, the industry was recorded to have a growth of 3.9%, with one out of every ten employment opportunities. According to experts in the industry of tourism and hospitality, the occupancy in this market during 2021 will have a 15% increase. Due to the rising demand in the workforce, the Tourism and Hospitality Management program is becoming one of the most popular programs among college students.

The hotel industry in North America is highly favorable and has a considerable relationship with the local economy. With good economic development, the hotel will have a lot of opportunities to expand its business abroad, through organizing business trips and overseas training for their employees. Due to hotels being indispensable for private vacations in North America, there is a high demand from travelers and an increase in conglomerates entering the market. The competition between hotels is fierce and requires outstanding employees with prior experience to set them aside from competitors.

The Canadian hotel management program is an emerging program in recent years with broad prospects for development. Many prestigious schools in Canada have adapted to the trend and have begun to offer hospitality and tourism management majors with a co-op option. With such opportunities in the job market together with skills developed from work placements, students graduating from the tourism and hospitality program will have an extremely high employment rate.

The tourism and hospitality management diploma program is a pathway to one of the most vibrant sectors worldwide. The tourism and hospitality management program will offer information on the sectors including booking, hospitality, accommodation, and marketing. Graduated students will be prepared to apply their sound knowledge of the industry, with hands-on experience through their co-op placements.

The tourism and hospitality industry has to focus not only on the allocation of consumers and suppliers, while creating new tourism products or systems, but also at the same time consider the use of technology. With the presence of technology, it can create a personalized experience for every guest. Therefore, students in the Tourism and Hospitality Management program are expected to master Sabre and Amadeus computer systems for air ticket booking, itinerary scheduling, and prepare for front desk positions, housekeeping, and guest service agent, etc. Additionally in Canada, in order to ascertain that students are certified to work for a retail travel agency or provide travel advice, the student will have to take the Travel Industry of Council of Ontario (TICO) license exam.

Studying Tourism and Hospitality Management program in Canada will allow you to develop practical skills and essential knowledge needed for a career in all aspects of the tourism and hospitality sector. This program is perfect for those who are enthusiastic about traveling and consider building a career in this segment.  If you are confident in your communication and interpersonal skills, and if you are interested in the tourism and hospitality-related fields, do not miss out on this opportunity.

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