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Second Career Application

Second career program is proposed by Ontario government with the mission to support people who wish to start a new career. The program targets people who were laid off and are currently unemployed; people who were laid off and are currently working at a temporary job just to cover costs for living; and people who were or are currently receiving Employment Insurance (EI).

The program allows applicants to learn new skills and knowledge needed to become more competitive in the job market, and provides granted financial support for those who are qualified for Second career. Applicant can apply for up to $28,000 for costs including:

  • Tuition
  • Books
  • Manuals, workbooks or other instruction costs
  • Transportation
  • Basic living allowance (maximum $410 per week)
  • Child care

The Second Career program mainly targets applicants who wish to be educated and develop practical skills; the granted bursary will generally cover the cost of education for up to two years. However, for applicants who need to be trained for their English reading, writing, and speaking abilities, they can apply for financial support up to three years. This length covers almost the time length of all training programs in Canada, applicants do not need to be concerned about running out of money in the middle of training.

Applicants need to consider the following criteria to determine if you are qualified to apply:

  • You were laid off and are currently unemployed
  • You were laid off and are currently working temporary just to cover costs
  • You were or are currently receiving EI

When you apply, you need to provide the following information:

  • How long you have been unemployed, or working your temporary job, and looking for work
  • Places you have applied and positions you have applied for (e.g. cover letters, CV and responses from potential employers)
  • What level of education you reached
  • Where you worked before, for how long and what skills you need for that work
  • What skills you want to get and where you can get trained in them
  • Information showing the skills and job you want to train for are in demand

Please do be aware that even if you are qualified to apply, it does not mean you will be financially supported, the following criteria will determine if you will receive financial assistance and how much you will receive:

  • How long you have been looking for work
  • How long you have been unemployed
  • Education level
  • How long you previous worked
  • The career outlook of the training program
  • The type of training
  • Work experience requirement for your desired career

Applicants may receive three marks for each criterion above; applicants need to have minimum 16 marks in order to be considered for the financial assistance.

Therefore, it is possible for application to be rejected. If you are rejected, within 30 days of your letter of rejection, you can demand for being re-evaluated, and give appropriate reasoning for your demand.

For more information, please contact Newbarry College at (416) 230-1816.

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