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Microsoft Office Suite

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This course will enable learners to navigate the functionalities of Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel. This course provides learners with essential foundational excel skills for all areas of business. Learners will also learn how to create impactful PowerPoint presentations by customizing animation effects and including media. This course offers learners with the ability to efficiently perform daily Outlook tasks and work confidently with Microsoft Office. The course is intended to advance learners’ knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Suites which are an integral part of all business activities and careers.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Microsoft Word

Learn the basic features of Microsoft Word and how to efficiently utilize this software in student’s future career. Including features such as modify the structure and appearance of text, collaborate on documents, and merge data with documents and labels.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Students will learn how to use PowerPoint to build presentations for different purposes. We will cover some PowerPoint functions such as, creating slides, managing simple graphics, and adding sound and movement to slides.

  • Microsoft Outlook

Through this course you will learn how to effectively use Microsoft Outlook email. This course includes basics such as how to set up Outlook, send and receive email messages, and organize student’s inbox. Students will also learn how to manage your scheduling with the Calendar and Tasks features.

  • Microsoft Excel

In this course students will be able to learn how to perform calculations on Excel with data, manage worksheet data, reorder and summarize data, and analyze alternative data sets. Upon completion of this course, students will be comfortable navigating the Excel user interface, entering, manipulating and formatting data.

Course Content

1. Explore Office (1 Hour)
2. Create and Manage Files (1 Hour)
3. Modify the structure and appearance of text (2 Hours)
4. Collaborate on Documents (2 Hours)
5. Merge data with documents and labels (2 Hours)
6. Perform calculations on data (1 Hour)
7. Manage worksheet data (1 Hour)
8. Reorder and summarize data (1 Hour)
9. Analyze alternative data sets (1 Hour)
10. Create and manage slides (1 Hour)
11. Insert and manage simple graphics (2 Hours)
12. Add sound and movement to slides (1 Hour)
13. Send and receive email messages (1 Hour)
14. Organize your inbox (1 Hour)
15. Manage scheduling

  • Textbook: Joan Lambert, Curtis Frye, Microsoft Office 2019: Step by Step (2019)
  • BYOD: Computer/laptop with webcam
  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Teams and Outlook installed on PC/ Mac
  • Office 2019 or Office 365 recommended 

Students will have three options of delivery method for this course: Online Streaming, Free Self-study Online, and On-campus. For inquiries regarding course tuition and other fees, please contact our Admission Officer at +1 (416) 230-1816 or email

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