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Canadian Securities Course (CSC)

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This course provides learners with concepts of the investments market in Canada and the regulatory environment. Some of the topics to be studied follow: the Canadian securities industry, investment strategies, fixed income securities, as well as derivatives and financing. The course also examines how market and economic events impact investment performance. Students will learn to understand and analyze corporate financial statements and acquire the tools and knowledge to better serve clients.


The CSC exam is offered by the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI). Students must successfully complete two CSC Industry Exams, achieving a minimum of 60% on each exam. Students successfully completing the CSC program and exam are eligible for mutual funds licensing and targeted to those interested in a career involving trading securities, providing investment advice, and other areas in the financial services industry.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Learn about the Canadian investment marketplace
  • Become familiar with economic principles and policies
  • Understand fundamentals of managed and structured products
  • Learn about the features and types of fixed income securities; pricing and trading
  • Learn about equity securities and transactions
  • Analyze and interpret corporations and their financial statements
  • Perform company, fundamental and technical analysis
  • Understand the portfolio approach and the portfolio management process
  • Learn about Canadian taxation
  • How to work with the retail/institutional Client

Course Content

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1. The Canadian Investment Marketplace
2. The Economy
3. Investment Products
4. The Corporation
5. Investment Analysis
6. Portfolio Analysis
7. Analysis of managed and structured products
8. Working With The Client

  • BYOD: Computer/laptop with webcam 
  • Textbooks/Manuals:
    • Canadian Securities Course Volume 1
    •  Canadian Securities Course Volume 2

Students will have three options of delivery method for this course: Online Streaming, Free Self-study Online, and On-campus. For inquiries regarding course tuition and other fees, please contact our Admission Officer at +1 (416) 230-1816 or email

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