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Introduction to Programming with C#

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Course work provides an introduction to the basic parts within computer networks. Students learn about the IP Network, the Router, Dynamic Networks, and Internet Services. By using the information learned from this subject, students will be able to better understand computer networks and services.


  • Know the importance of the IP Network and their components
  • Know the basics of dynamic structures and various protocols
  • Know the concepts needed for effective Internet services

Core Competency: Take in account the various different layers that are within the IP Network

  1. Describe how computer networks are organized with the concept of layered approach
  2. Analyze the contents in a given data link layer packet, based on the layer concept
  3. Describe how computer networks are organized with the concept of layered approach

Core Competency: Develop the capability to use basic principles of routing to describe the nature of the router and its components

  1.  Describe how routing protocols work
  2. Design and implement a network protocol
  3. Take into account the need of understanding the different elements within the Router



Ability to critically apply common knowledge on computer networks and their activities

  • Be able to identify the shortest path through the dynamic networks
  • Ability to construct the routing table
  • Evaluation of the different layers present in the IP network
  • Identify the extra internet services present within the internet services

Core Competency: Take into account the differences between hyper edit transfer protocols and simple mail transfer protocols

  1. Ability to install a LAMP server on Raspberry Pi
  2. Identify the importance of how Apache initializes and handles changing loads on the server
  3. Ability to understand how it is possible to have a single Apache server serve web pages for multiple virtual hosts

Core Competency: Use attention to detail skills to analyze and evaluate data with the various layers in the IP network

  1. Ability to identify various signals within the OSI Seven Layer Model
  2. Ability to effectively use the Raspberry Pi Operating System and its different uses
  3. Apply knowledge of Flow Control in order to make a diagram for various situations between the sender and receiver

Gerry Howser, Computer Networks and the Internet - A Hands-On Approach (2020)

Method of Evaluation 

Type  Number  % value
  Assignments   1   10%
  Tests   2   30%
  Weekly Discussions   10   20%
  Graded Homework   15   15%
  Final Examination   1   25%

Teaching Method 

Method  Number of Hours
  Lecture   30
  Seminar   10
  Supervised Lab   5

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