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Second Career Application

Second career program is proposed by Ontario government with the mission to support people who wish to start a new career. The program targets people who were laid off and are currently unemployed; people who were laid off and are currently working at a temporary job just to cover costs for living; and people who were or are currently receiving Employment Insurance (EI). The program allows applicants to learn

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IT Program Outlook

The information technology industry is known to be one of the most popular and fast-growing fields around the world. With the rapid advancement and development in technology, there is an increase in the reliance on technology. To better accommodate this increasing demand, most businesses and organizations now require strong professionals with a knowledgeable background in Information Technology. With the 21st century entering the age of computer networks, computer applications

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Tourism Program Outlook

Tourism and hospitality is a highly diverse and globalized industry with rapid growth. It was reported that the hospitality industry makes $7.6 trillion in the global economy. In 2018, the industry was recorded to have a growth of 3.9%, with one out of every ten employment opportunities. According to experts in the industry of tourism and hospitality, the occupancy in this market during 2021 will have a 15% increase.

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Canada Job Search Tips

This blog summarized a few tips regarding to the job search process. Job Search Methods Many employers prefer recommendations from acquaintances; therefore, it is important for you to look for every opportunity to tell everyone you know that you are seeking for a job. And let everyone know your specific ability, specialty, and industry. It is important for you to develop your network; it is very common for people

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Canada Economy Overview

Canada’s per capita national income is the second highest in the West and its per capita GNP is the third highest in the world. In the 1997 World Economic Forum Global Competitive Nations Report, Canada was ranked as the fourth most competitive country. Canada is a resource-processing, technology-intensive country and the world’s largest recipient of foreign investment. Canada’s economic growth occurred mainly during and after World War II, when

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Public vs. Private College

College is becoming a very popular option for students to pursue their post-secondary education. College is a great fit for students who wish to develop practical skills needed in the workforce and hands-on experience in actual work environment. College education focuses on a blend of academic learning and practical skills training, students will benefit from hands-on technical training and real-world projects, and co-op opportunity to gain experience in an

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