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Tuition Financial Assistance Option

Students who wish to enroll at Newbarry College can apply through financial assistance from government subsidies if eligible. The following financial options are available at Newbarry College: Second Career, Canada-Ontario Job Grant, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB), and bank Loan.

Newbarry College’s Admission Officer is available to assist students in completing necessary documentations required and discover the best financial support option for them.

Second Career

Students applying through the Second Career program are welcome at Newbarry College. All of our diploma programs are not only developed to prepare for your success in a professional environment, but they are also qualified for Second Career.

Second Career is an Ontario government program that provides financial support to laid-off employees to train for careers that are high in demand. Through training or education, the Second Career helps workers to become qualified and successfully enter the workforce once again. This is a cost-sharing grant provided based on the applicant’s need. Meaning, applicants may be asked to contribute what they can on the costs associated with their studies, but not required to pay anything back.The Second Career program may provide financial support up to $28,000 for resources such as:

  • Tuition
  • Books
  • Living expenses
  • Help caring for dependents
  • Travel
  • Transportation
  • Disability supports
  • Basic living allowance and training costs

Additional costs such as disability accommodation, dependent care, living away from home, and educational advancement may be considered.

Click here to visit the Ontario’s Second Career program website for more information

Other Financial Support

As a college that is built onhelpingour community of students in finding better future careers through sharing our knowledge and skills. Therefore, we also offer a variety of financial options to accommodate each student’s circumstances.

Canada – Ontario Job Grant (COJG)

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant is an Ontario government funding program that offers grants to employers in hope to encourage investment into their workplace. This direct financial support grant is for individual employers or employer consortia who wish to purchase training for their employees.  It is available to small, medium and large businesses intended to deliver short-term training to existing and new employees. Employers can get up to $10,000 in government support per person for training costs.

Click here for more information on the Canada-Ontario Job Grant

Flexible Payment

We offer flexible and easy fee installments for students. You may have the option to make payments throughout your course with the first payment due in the first week of class. Please note that terms and conditions apply.

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) is an Ontario government funding program that offers grants to employers in the hope to encourage investment into their workplace. This direct financial support grant is for individual employers or employer consortia who wish to purchase training for their employees. It is available to small, medium, and large businesses intended to deliver short-term training to existing and new employees. Employers can get up to $10,000 in government support per person for training costs.

Click here for more information on Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)

Bank Loan

A Student Line of Credit is a personal loan to the student for assistance with expenses associated with postsecondary programs of study. Many banks in Ontario offer a Student Line of Credit that provides funding at a lower interest rate than most credit cards.

Please contact our Admission Officer for further information on financial assistance options.

Phone: +1 (416) 230-1816


Student Services and Support

As a school that is student-centered and serving our community as the foundation of our values, Newbarry College provides a variety of student services and support resources. During your education with us, our support team will work with you for any profession or personal needs. 

Academic Learning Support

At Newbarry College, we understand that each student may have a different academic background or learning pace.  Therefore, we offer free individual assistance for academic learning for all of our students. If help is needed during student’s courses, our team will provide various approaches and resources for individual academic learning support, such as practicum assistance, homework assistance, and special communication classes.


Newbarry College is located at North York, Sheppard Yonge – 2 minutes away from the subway station and 30 minutes away from the downtown core. Our campus is fully equipped with state of the art equipment including, library, recreation facilities, computer lab, servers, and network devices with the latest software releases in each area of study. All of these facilities are free for students to use.

Our library allows students to conduct research and enhance academic interests using our resources. Moreover, the school provides a gym and swimming pool along with professional trainers to assist students when using. A sauna room and spa are also available.

Free  Training

Newbarry College offers free training sessions, workshops, and seminars to expose students to all possible opportunities. This includes life-time access to free online training programs on our website to increase student’s knowledge and skills in the field of their choice.  Meaning, student would be supported with on-going education even after graduating. We have a variety of course options such as TICO, Microsoft, CSC, and QuickBooks. Newbarry College will also provide free counseling services for education and career assistance. Counseling at Newbarry College is not only here to help the student through personal problems but to also discover which program or career path is right for one. 

School Environment

Our small class sizes can ensure that students are receiving the attention and counsel they required to fulfill their personal and professional needs. They are also led by industry-experience instructors and career-oriented to strengthen students as professionals. All of our classes start monthly with flexible schedules to accommodate student’s availability; students can begin their studies when it is convenient for them.

We wish to make your experience with us memorable, if any additional services or support is needed, feel free to get in touch with our administrative staff. We will be more than happy to help you with the best of our abilities.

Career Development

To give you an easy transition from the classroom to a professional workplace once you are ready, our Career Development department is here to help you. Additionally, Newbarry College’s Career Specialist provides a wide range of career services. Our team will provide resume and cover letter critique, training for interviews, networking opportunities, job search process, career management assistance, job referrals, and career counseling.

Our Career Specialist will help you critique your resume and cover letter to show off your best self to potential employers. We will make sure that it greatly reflects the new skills and qualifications you gained upon graduation. Additionally, we offer training and practice sessions to prepare you for interviews. Through guidance from our Career Specialist, you will feel more confident and leave a positive impression on interviewers. Our Career Specialist also provides networking opportunities for you, our specialist may reach out to specific employers to see if they are hiring. Not only we will continuously help you during your job search process, but we will also improve your online profile platforms, such as LinkedIn and Indeed.

Newbarry College offers additional workshops and seminars to expose you to all possible opportunities. Also, we will bring you to meet with potential employers through career fairs, allowing you to show them your resume or even an on-site interview. Through these events, you will be able to land on a job as soon as you graduate from your program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you apply for admission?

You can apply to our programs online. Please refer to the program page you wish to apply for and call our Admission Officer at +1 (416) 230-1816 for further steps.

  1. Do students receive a College Diploma graduating from Newbarry College?

Yes, we do. Not only do we offer Ontario Diploma-based programs, but we also have Certification programs and training courses for students.

  1. Are there any Financial Aid options available at Newbarry College?

Students at Newbarry College can access a variety of financial assistance options. Our Admission Officer can help you check for your eligibility and assist you with any documents required for the application.

Some available financial assistance:

  • Second Career
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
  • Canada-Ontario Job Grant
  • Bank Loan

More details can be found on our Tuition Financial Assistance Options page.

  1. If I change my mind, can I withdraw from a program and get a refund?

Yes, you can withdraw from a program and be entitled to a refund. You are entitled to a full refund of the fees you paid if you make this decision before entering into a contract for the provision of the vocational program. Newbarry College shall refund part of the fees paid if you give the college notice that you are withdrawing from the program before the day the vocational program commences. Please contact +1 (416) 230-1816 or regarding refund policies.

  1. Is there a registration fee?

No, a registration fee is not required when you apply for our programs.

  1. Will I receive job searching assistance and placement after graduation?

This is what makes us different: Newbarry College won’t let students graduate without preparing them for the workforce and being employed. Hence, we value the importance of establishing strong relationships with industry partners, so that we can provide placement to strengthen you as professionals and job opportunities when leaving Newbarry. We will also provide you job searching assistance and resources during admission until graduation to make sure you successfully enter the field of your choice.

Registered as a private career college under the Private Career College Act, 2005.

The Newbarry College of Business, Service and Technology is a member of the National Association of Career Colleges.

 The Newbarry College of Business, Service and Technology is a member of the Career Colleges of Ontario.