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Information Technology

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45 Hours

Introduction to Computer Networks

Course work provides an introduction to the basic parts within computer networks. Students learn about the IP Network, the Router, Dynamic Networks, and Internet Services.
75 Hours

Introduction to Programming with C#

Course work provides an introduction to the object-orientated programming languages known as C#. This language is intended to create simple yet robust programs. Designed specifically to take advantage of...
75 Hours

Systems Analysis and Design

Course work provides students a hands-on introduction to the field with a project-based approach that mirrors the real-world workflow. Students are introduced to the role of the systems analyst in information systems development projects.
70 Hours

Web Designs and Development

Course work provides an introduction to beginning web design and web development. Students will learn hard skills such as HTML 5 and CSS
115 Hours

Introduction to Databases

Course work provides an in-depth knowledge of the most important aspects of database systems. Students will learn how database plays a vital role in the effective management of information. Course concepts include...
140 Hours

Network Security and Privacy for Cyber-Physical Systems

Course work provides a deep dive into cyber-physical systems. This course highlights main components such as the security and privacy of these systems.
70 Hours

Effective Communication of IT Systems

Course work provides an introduction to the basic components of communication skills. These skills will be analyzed in order to be effectively be used in information technology systems.
75 Hours

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Course work provides an introduction data analytics and how to use them in a intelligent way in a business. Learn to apply data analytics skills to the area of business intelligence (BI).
50 Hours

Cloud Infrastructure

Course work provides an introduction to the concepts of Cloud Computing. This course will help students get exposed to three different perspectives of Cloud Computing: the theoretical, the technical, and the commercial perspectives. A variety of...
160 Hours

Introduction to Mobile Application Development

Course work provides an introduction on how to develop applications for mobile devices. Students will be provided a foundation in the mobile app development methodologies
20 Hours

A Future in Informational Technology

Course work provides an overview on the importance of informational technology and a career within it. This course provides the necessities needed...

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