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Air Ticketing: Sabre

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This course offers field-specific content on the operations of the common professional system: Sabre ticketing platform.  Students will have hands-on learning on this global display system, which will help them analyze GDS displays relevant to mileage system pricing; read, interpret, and apply mileage and routing fare rules; and issue tickets.  Through this course, students will master the skills of booking air tickets and scheduling trips to start their career in the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

Knowledge & Skills

  • The importance of providing software support to subscribers
  • Fundamental Sabre keyboard functions
  • Sign in/Sign out formats and guidelines
  • City pair availability displays and formats
  • How to build and modify passenger reservations
  • How to use the Sabre Replay function

Course Content

1. Introduction to the Travel Agency Envrionment (10 minutes)
2. Sabre Keyboard (45 Minutes)
3. Sign-in and Sign-out (30 Minutes)
4. Sabre Work Areas (5 Minutes)
5. City Pair Availability (55 Minutes)
6. Create and Modify Passenger Name Records (50 Minutes)
7. Optional PNR Data (50 Minutes)
8. Divide, Increase/Reduce and Clone PNRS (45 Minutes)
9. Sabre Replay (20 Minutes)
10. Common Calls and Error Responses (40 Minutes)

  • BYOD: Computer/laptop with webcam 
  • Textbooks/Manuals: 2-2: Sabre Basic Course

Students will have three options of delivery method for this course: Online Streaming, Free Self-study Online, and On-campus. For inquiries regarding course tuition and other fees, please contact our Admission Officer at +1 (416) 230-1816 or email

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