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TICO – Travel Industry Council of Ontario

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The focus of this course will be on developing student’s knowledge on the requirements of working in a regulated industry to provide clients with consumer protection when booking their travel services. The course is designed to enhance student’s understanding of the TICO Study Manual and reinforce the concepts under the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05. This course strives to ensure participants are best prepared to successfully write the certification exam.

Knowledge & Skills

  • TICO’s mission, vision and values, explain its mandate in the travel industry, and describe its relationship with the provincial government
  • Identify TICO’s organization structure and board membership and be able to explain its responsibilities
  • Recall which provinces have travel legislation and be familiar with Ontario’s Travel Industry Act, 2002
  • Correctly apply the Act and Regulation before and after a sale is made, before the client has travelled
  • Purpose of Travel Industry Compensation Fund and its limits, procedures, and appeals during claims
  • Overview of offences, disciplinary actions, and confidentiality requirements under the Act
  • Financial and other records required under the Act and Regulation
  • TICO complaints process for disputes between consumers and registrants; understanding how to dispute between registrants and how complaints against TICO are handled
  • Actions that are considered to be offences and identify penalties that can be imposed if found guilty

Course Content

(30 Minutes) Module 1: TICO’s Role in the Travel Industry (2 Minutes) TICO’s Mandate (3 Minutes) relationship Between TICO and the Ministry (5 Minutes) TICO’s Organizational Structure (4 Minutes) TICO’s Mission, Vision and Values (11 Minutes) TICO’s Responsibilities (5 Minutes) Self Test 1 Quiz Expand Lesson Content TICO – Self Test 1 (1 Hour) Ontario’s Travel Industry Act, 2002 (10 Minutes) Why Travel Legislation is Needed (15 Minutes) Consumer Travel Protection in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia (15 Minutes) What Happens in Provinces Where There is No Travel Legislation? (15 Minutes) The Main Components of the Ontario Travel Industry Act, 2002 (5 Minutes) Self Test 1 Quiz Expand Lesson Content TICO – Self Test 2 (1 Hour) 3. Registrant Obligations – Before the Sale (25 Minutes) representations (15 Minutes) disclosure (15 Minutes) False Advertising (5 Minutes) Self Test 1 Quiz Expand Lesson Content TICO – Self Test 3 (1 Hour) Registrant Obligations – After the Sale but Before Client Travels (22 Minutes) Invoicing Requirements (15 Minutes) Disclosure of Changes to the Travel Services Purchased (3 Minutes) Requirement to Provide and Verify Travel Documents (3 Minutes) Travel Wholesaler’s Requirement to Provide Travel Services (3 Minutes) Duty of Registrants Who Resell Travel Services 1 of 4

  • BYOD: Computer/laptop with webcam
  • Download or print TICO Education Standards Study Manual
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view the PDF file

Students will have three options of delivery method for this course: Online Streaming, Free Self-study Online, and On-campus. For inquiries regarding course tuition and other fees, please contact our Admission Officer at +1 (416) 230-1816 or email

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