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Fundamentals of Travel and Tourism

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A solid foundation in the history and development of the tourism industry provides the basis for effective design and promotion of tourism products and services. Students are presented with general introduction of fundamental components of Travel and Tourism, as well as the impact of tourism; Travel professionals require an in-depth knowledge of the popular tourist destinations in Canada, United States of America and Mexico. Students acquire the knowledge and research skills to promote tourism products and services while providing positive customer experiences for the Canadian traveler. An overview of the social, political, cultural, economic and geographic background of the countries is enhanced through in-class lectures, discussions, workshops and exercises using appropriate technologies. Students apply their knowledge as they incorporate tourism products and trends into a final tourism destination presentation.


Core Competency: Basic concepts and impacts of travel and tourism

  1. Enhance students' understanding of the dynamic nature of the tourism and hospitality industry 
  2. Identify and describe basic concepts of world geography, tourist attractions and major tourism regions
  3. Summarize the impacts of travel from economic , social, cultural and environmental perspective



Core Competency: Ability to apply general concepts of tourism into the travel industry

  1. Identify both positive and negative impact of tourism
  2. Design and deliver tourism programs, travel products and services
  3. Choose proper travel products and provide quality service to satisfy customer's needs

Destination Geography by Dr. Thomas Bauer, Assistant Professor, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and PSHE Section, Curriculum Development Institute

Method of Evaluation 

Type  Number  % value
  Assignments   2   40%
  Quizzes   2   10%
  Final Presentation   1   25%
  Final Exam   1   25%

Teaching Method 

Method  Number of Hours
  Lecture   45

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