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Hotel Management Operations and Hospitality In-depth, Part 1

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This course provides a basic understanding of lodging operations and management. It provides a realistic look at the operations and management. It provides a realistic look at the operations of each department and covers management concepts and responsibilities in the Housekeeping division of mid-tolarge properties, including models for staffing patterns. It examines inventory and equipment management, characteristics of materials and supplies, linen and laundry room management, and cleaning functions.

The guest cycle is the foundation of a positive guest experience. This course will also prepare the student to work in a front office of a lodging establishment. Guest relations, professional customer service, hospitality computer systems and related technologies, front office procedures are the main focus of this course. Students will maintain a functional focus and review current practices in the private, public, and military sectors within the hotel industry.


Core Competency: Professional hospitality services to enhance customer satisfaction

  1. Be familiar with the operation of front office, such as the reservation process, guest service and rate structures;
  2. Establish knowledge of room division operations;
  3. Underhand room and housekeeping operation procedures, such as planning and daily hotel housekeeping routine.



Core Competency: Provide guest services in a professional manner to increase customer satisfaction

  1. Able to reserve rooms, manage costume services and handle money transaction as a front desk;
  2. Perform as an entry-level accommodation operations team member in both front and back positions;
  3. Use different planning strategies to finish housekeeping task.

Course Content

1. Front Office Operations - Services (8 Hours)
2. Front Office Operations - Finance (7 Hours)
3. Rooms Division Operations Part 1 (10 Hours)
4. Rooms Division Operations Part 2 (10 Hours)
5. Room and Housekeeping - Conceptual Planning and Schedule Workers (10 Hours)
6. Room and Housekeeping - Material Planning and Operational Planning (10 Hours)
7. Room and Housekeeping – Operation Part 1 (10 Hours)
8. Room and Housekeeping – Operation Part 2 (10 Hours)

1. Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations (4th Edition) by Thomas J. A. Jones


2. Check-in, Check-out, Second Canadian Edition (2nd Edition) by Gary K. Vallen, Jerome J. Vallen, Gary Robinson

Method of Evaluation 

Type   Number % value
  Activity (Discuss and presentation)  2  20%
  Quizzes  4  20%
  Assignments  4  40%
  Final Exam  1  20%

Teaching Method 

Method Number of Hours
  Lecture  75

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