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Hotel Management Operations and Hospitality In-depth, Part 2

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This course provides the students with a theoretical understanding of risk assessment and safety, as well as the practical hospitality security measures to follow to ensure complete safety at various type of establishments. The course also offers detail on hotel evacuation plans and protocol which is an essential aspect in hospitality security. Furthermore, the course covers the application of managerial functions to restaurant and food service operations with the emphasis on the principles of food safety control, food production and service in a commercial setting. The students will also be introduced with knowledge of the beer, spirit, wine, coffee and soft drink industries and their importance in the hospitality environment, with the emphasis on product characteristics, liquor liability and the law, as well as the responsible service of alcoholic beverages. Students write the Smart Serve Test in order to meet the mandatory licensing requirements in Ontario.


Core Competency: Hospitality security and safety basics

  1. Be familiar with the security plan, security manuals, system and equipment and security implementation procedure related to hotel operation and hospitality industry;
  2. Comply with health and safety regulations, and food handling procedures in a practice settings;
  3. Be familiar with the fundamental of safe alcohol service and responsible alcohol service.



Core Competency: Develop restaurant service and management skills;

  1. Able to identify risks, determine the level of risk, and come up with proper solutions;
  2. Plan, prepare and present quality food in a cost-effective manner;
  3. Serve alcohol beverage and liquor comply with regulations and laws.

Course Content

1. Risk Assessment and Safety (10 Hours)
2. Security Plan, Manuals (6 Hours)
3. System & Equipment (6 Hours)
4. Security Implementation Procedure (10 Hours)
5. Food Service and Production Safety (8 Hours)
6. Food Service and Product Sensation (8 Hours)
7. Food Production and Dining (6 Hours)
8. Restaurant Operation (6 Hours)
9. Wine and Alcoholic Beverage Part 1 (6 Hours)
10. Wine and Alcoholic Beverage Part 2 (6 Hours)
11. Smart serve- Introduction and law (6 Hours)
12. Smart serve- The Effects of Alcohol (6 Hours)
13. Smart serve- Maintaining a Safe and Enjoyable Atmosphere (6 Hours)

1. Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations (4th Edition) by Thomas J. A. Jones


2. Smart Serve Work Book

Method of Evaluation 

Type   Number % value
  Smart Serve Certification  1  20%
  Quizzes  4  20%
  Assignments  4  40%
  Final Exam  1  20%

Teaching Method 

Method Number of Hours
  Lecture  90

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