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Introduction to Databases

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Course work provides an in depth knowledge of the most important aspects of database systems. Students will learn how database plays a vital role in the effective management of information. Course concepts include database design, languages, implementation, distributed database, query processing and more.


  • Know the advantages of Database System
  • Know the basic features of SQL
  • Know recovery techniques for database systems

Core Competency: Develop the capability to design a database

  1. Understand the various types of database management systems
  2. Explain the steps involved in designing the database system
  3. Understand the aim of designing a database

Core Competency: The ability to explain the steps involved in query processing

  1. Using various algorithms for implementing relational algebra operations
  2. Using different types of query optimization techniques
  3. Evaluating the expressions containing multiple operations



Be able to build their own database using key concepts from subject their own website using hard and soft skills learned in course

  • Knowing the process in database design
  • Using query processing and optimization
  • Knowing retrieval techniques to extract information from unstructured textual data

Core Competency: Develop the capability to data mine

  1. The ability to differentiate between data warehouse and OLTP systems
  2. Know the entire process of getting data into data warehouse
  3. Explain the process of knowledge discovery in base

Core Competency: The ability to recover data regardless of any type of system failure

  1. Know the various types of failures that can occur in a system
  2. Understand the two categories of recovery techniques
  3. Know the process of checkpointing

Course Content

1. Database Systems
2. Conceptual Modeling (7 Hours)
3. The Relational Model (8 Hours)
Regional Algebra and Calculus (5 Hours)
5. Structured Query Language (5 Hours)
6. Relational Database Design (8 Hours)
7. Data Storage and Indexing (5 Hours)
8. Query Processing and Optimization (7 Hours)
9. Introduction to Transaction Processing (6 Hours)
10. Concurrency Control Techniques (6 Hours)
11. Database Recovery System (8 Hours)
12. Database Security (6 Hours)
13. Database System Architectures (5 Hours)
14. Data Warehousing, OLAP, and Data Mining (5 Hours)
15. Information Retrieval (5 Hours)
16. Object-based Databases (5 Hours)
17. XML (5 Hours)
18. Leading Database Systems (5 Hours)

   Introduction to database systems, ISBN: 9788131731925 (2010)

Method of Evaluation 

Type Number % value
  Team Project  1  20%
  Tests  2  30%
  Weekly Discussions  10  10%
  Graded Homework  15  15%
  Final Examination  1  25%

Teaching Method 

Method Number of Hours
  Lecture  65
  Seminar  20
  Supervised Lab  30

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