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Introduction to Mobile Application Development

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Course work provides an introduction on how to develop applications for mobile devices. Students will be provided a foundation in the mobile app development methodologies and experience of developing applications for iOS and Android operating systems. Students will also design and build a variety of Apps to develop real competency. Focus is placed on navigating and developing both operating systems as well as the design of them.


  • Know the capabilities and limitations of mobile devices the importance of communication within Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Know how to evaluate development with another mobile platform
  • Know how to develop mobile applications work with imperfect data to find the perfect solution

Core Competency:   Ability to navigate through Android software

  1. Ability to create interface on Android software
  2. Designing lists and adapters on Android software
  3. Access hardware and sensors on Android software

Core Competency:  Ability to navigate through iOS software

  1. Ability to create interface on iOS
  2. Desigining lists and adapters on iOS software
  3. Access hardware and sensors on iOS software



Be able to develop both Android and iOS apps

  • Be able to code program with no instructions and making sure program runs
  • The ability to test software and understand how to make money off apps

Core Competency: Understanding the Business side of Apps

  1. Be able to plan a business for your app
  2. Understanding all Income possibilities for app
  3. Ability to Publish App on to App/Play Stores

Core Competency: Understanding issues with Devices and Apps

  1. The ability to find issues with apps and devices
  2. Understanding how to fix software and hardware issues
  3. Understanding the difference between devices

Course Content

1. Introduction to Mobile Apps (10 Hours)
2. App Design Issues and Considerations (10 Hours)
3. Using Eclipse for Android Development (10 Hours)
4. Android Navigation and Interface Design (10 Hours)
5. Persistent Data in Android (10 Horus)
6. List in Android: Navigation and Information (10 Hours)
7. Maps and Location in Android (10 Hours)
8. Access to Hardware and Sensors in Android (10 Hours)
9. Using Xcode for iOS Development (10 Hours)
10. iOS Navigation and Interface Design (10 Hours)
11. Persistent Data in iOS (10 Hours)
12. Tables in iOS: Navigation and Information Display (10 Hours)
13. Maps and Location in iOS (10 Hours)
14. Access to Hardware and Sensors in iOS (10 Hours)
15. Monetizing Apps (10 Hours)
16. Publishing Apps (10 Hours)

Jakob Iversen, Michael Eierman, Learning Mobile App Development: A Hands-on Guide to Building Apps with iOS and Android (2013)

Method of Evaluation 

Type Number % value
  Team Project  1  20%
  Tests  2  30%
  Weekly Discussions  10  10%
  Graded Homework  15  15%
  Final Examination  1  25%

Teaching Method 

Method Number of Hours
  Lecture  80
  Seminar  30
  Supervised Lab  50

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