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Introduction to Programming with C#

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Course work provides an introduction to the object-orientated programming languages known as C#. This language is intended to create simple yet robust programs. Designed specifically to take advantage of CLI features, C# is the core language of the Microsoft .NET framework. In this course, students gain the skills to exploit the capabilities of C# and of the .NET Framework to develop programs useful for a broad range of desktop and Web applications


  • Know the importance of the basic principles of programming with C#
  • Know the basics of object-orientated programming code
  • Know the concepts within the numeral systems

Core Competency:   Take in account the basic steps required for programming and programming with C#

  1. Describe the core syntax and features of C#
  2. Plan and prepare the architecture and design of programming
  3. Describe the basics of Microsoft Visual Studio

Core Competency:  Develop the capability to use Lambda expressions and LINQ

  1. Ability to create and use Entity Data Models
  2. Be able to query Data by Using LINQ
  3. Ability to update Data by Using LINQ



Ability to Critically Apply Common Knowledge on Computer Programming with C#

  • Describe the core syntax and features of Visual C#.
  • Create methods, handle exceptions, and describe the monitoring requirements of large scale applications.
  • Implement the basic structure and essential elements of a typical desktop application

Core Competency: Take into account the differences in coding between normal programming and programming with C#

  1. Ability to create the code syntax for simple programming statements using C# language keywords and recognize syntax errors using the Visual Studio IDE
  2. Ability to create a simple branching structure using an IF statement.
  3. Ability to create a simple looping structure using a For statement to iterate through a data array


Core Competency: Use attention to detail skills to analyze and evaluate the different programming principle present in object – orientated programming

  1. Ability to identify the differences between Class Inheritance, Interfaces Implementation, Data and Behaviour Abstraction, Data Encapsulation and Hiding Implementation Details, and Polymorphism and Virtual Methods principles
  2. Ability to understand the differences between cohesion and coupling
  3. Apply knowledge of UML with object – orientated programming

Course Content

1. The IP Network (5 Hours)
2. Basic Principles (5 Hours)
3. Loops and Arrays (5 Hours)
4. Numeral Systems (5 Hours)
5. Methods (5 Hours)
6. Recursion (5 Hours)
7. Creating and Using Objects (5 Hours)
8. Exception Handling, Strings, and Text Processing (5 Hours)
9. Classes and Text Files
10. Linear Data Structures, Trees, and Graphs (5 Hours)
11. Dictionaries, Hash Tables, and Sets (5 Hours)
12. Data Structures and Algorithm Complexity (5 Hours)
13. Data Structures and Algorithm Complexity (5 Hours)
14. High-Quality Programming Code (5 Hours)
15. Lamba Expression and LINQ (5 Hours)

   Svetlin Nakov, Veselin Kolev, Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C# (2013)

Method of Evaluation 

Type Number % value
  Assignments  1  10%
  Tests  2  30%
  Weekly Discussions  10  20%
  Graded Homework  15  15%
  Final Examination  1  25%

Teaching Method 

Method Number of Hours
  Lecture  40
  Seminar  20
  Supervised Lab  15

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