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Meeting, Events and Convention Management

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This course examines the sales, servicing and management of the meetings, events, conventions, exhibitions, and trade show industries. Emphasis is placed on both the supply (product and service providers) and demand (meeting and event managers) elements of the industry. The course focuses on the unique operational and managerial functions of this multifaceted component of the tourism and hospitality industry.


Core Competency:  Concepts of meeting, events and convention management;

  1. Summarize the characteristics of meetings, expositions, events and conventions industry;
  2. Be familiar with various strategies for planning and operating events, and identify the best fit strategies to manage events successfully
  3. Understand the importance of food and beverage service in meeting, events and convention.



Core Competency: Manage events and provide hospitality service for meeting, events and convention

  1. Able to use accounting and financial knowledge and skills to increase the successful operation of events;
  2. Select and use appropriate business administration skills during the operation of events;
  3. Coordinate food and beverage services appropriate to the events;

Course Content

1. Introduction to the Meetings, Expositions, Events and Conventions Industry (3 Hours)
2. Meeting, Exhibition, Event, and Convention Organizers and Sponsors
3. Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) (3 Hours)
4. Meeting and Convention Venues (4 Hours)
5. Exhibitions (5 Hours)
6. Service Contractors (6 Hours)
7. Destination Management Companies (5 Hours)
8. Special Events Management (5 Hours)
9. Planning MEEC Gatherings (4 Hours)
10. Producing MEEC Gatherings (4 Hours)
11. Food and Beverage (5 Hours)
12. Putting It All Together (5 Hours)

Meetings, Positions, Events, & Conventions: An Introduction to The Industry by George G. Fenich

Method of Evaluation 

Type   Number % value
  Quizzes  3  25%
  Assignments  3  45%
  Final Exam  1  20%

Teaching Method 

Method Number of Hours
  Lecture  90

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