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Systems Analysis and Design

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Course work provides students a hands-on introduction to the field with a project-based approach that mirrors the real-world workflow. Students are introduced to the role of the systems analyst in information systems development projects. Core concepts include how information system (IS) can support business needs, designing the system, building it, and delivering it to users, and more.


  • Know how to apply technology to solve business problems
  • Know the Project Selection process basics of object-orientated programming code
  • Know how to gather data to analyze and specify the requirements of a system

Core Competency: Take in account the basic steps of selecting a project

  1. Describe the Project Methodology options
  2. Plan and Prepare the Work Plan
  3. Describe the steps taken to choose a project

Core Competency: Develop the capability to create different types of process modeling

  1. Describe the Business Processes
  2. Ability to create data flow diagrams
  3. Ability to create level 0 and 1 data flow



Ability to design processes, data, user interface and other IS aspects

  • Ability to master the process of system analysis and design
  • Describe fundamental concepts related to system analysis and design

Core Competency: Take into account the various phases of the system development life cycle

  1. Understand and explain the different approaches to the SDLC
  2. Understand why some approaches work while others don’t

Core Competency: Understanding the transition from analysis to design

  1. Describe ways to acquire a system
  2. Creating an alternative matrix

Course Content

1. Systems Analyst and Information Systems Development (7 Hours)
2. Project Selection and Management (7 Hours)
3. Requirements Determination (5 Hours)
4. Use a Case Analysis (5 Hours)
5. Process Modeling (5 Hours)
6. Data Modeling (5 Hours)
7. Moving into Design (7 Hours)
8. Architecture Design (7 Hours)
9. User Interface Design (7 Hours)
10. Program Design (5 Hours)
11. Data Storage Design (5 Hours)
12. Moving into Implementation (6 Hours)
13. Transition to the New System (6 Hours)

     Dennis, Alan, Barbara H. Wixom, and Roberta M. Roth. Systems Analysis and Design (2019)

Method of Evaluation 

Type Number % value
  Assignments  1  10%
  Tests  2  30%
  Weekly Discussions  10  20%
  Graded Homework  15  15%
  Final Examination  1  25%

Teaching Method 

Method Number of Hours
  Lecture  40
  Seminar  20
  Supervised Lab  15

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