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Tourism and Hospitality Industry Business Related Issues, Part 1

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This course will create an understanding of the laws and issues related to the hospitality and tourism industry. Hospitality law, especially when dealing with customers and business contracts, will be the main focus. Issues will be discussed from the points of view of innkeepers, restaurateurs, travel agents, and event planners. A comprehensive overview of marketing and sales is about governing the tourism and hospitality industry. In addition,students learn how to apply basic accounting principles and concepts to both personal and business accounting, work with theoretical financial situations and increase your understanding of financial information including the accounting cycle and financial statements. Development and application of these accounting principles and concepts will be achieved through blended teaching and learning including in-class and online work using practical examples from the hospitality and tourism industry. Students write the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) exam in order to meet the mandatory licensing requirements in Ontario.


Core Competency: Issues in hospitality law, Marketing, Sales and basic accounting for tourism

  1. Understand the legal framework and identify the issue in current hospitality law;
  2. Summaries hospitality and tourism marketing strategies, and selling techniques, and describe how they work in hospitality marketing;
  3. Understand basic accounting concepts and processing business transactions related to financial accounting management operation



Core Competency: Apply marketing strategies and basic accounting in tourism marketing and operation;

  1. Use proper techniques to promote your product and follow up clients;
  2. Perform journalizing,posting and taking a trial balance,and adjusting the trial balance
  3. Prepare and present the Financial Statement to make financial analysis,common-size analysis,ratio analysis and cash flow analysis

Course Content

1. Issue and Hospitality Law Part 1 (7 Hours)
2. Issue and Hospitality Law Part 2 (7 Hours)
3. Marketing and Sales for Hospitality and Tourism Part 1 (10 Hours)
4. Marketing and Sales for Hospitality and Tourism Part 2 (10 Hours)
5. Introduction of Financial Accounting Management Operation (8 Hours)
6. Financial Accounting - Transaction and Trial Balance (8 Hours)
7. Financial Accounting- Accounting Cycle and Payroll (8 Hours)
8. Financial Accounting- Balance Sheet and Income Statement (8 Hours)
9. Financial Accounting Management Operation- Assets, Liabilities, Equity, and Financial Statement (9 Hours)

Accounting for the Hospitality Industry, Canadian Edition by Moncarz, Portocarrero, Davoodi

Method of Evaluation 

Type   Number % value
  Assignments  2  30%
  Tests  2  30%
  TICO Exam  1  20%
  Final Exam  1  20%

Teaching Method 

Method Number of Hours
  Lecture  45
  Supervised Lab  30


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