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Tourism and Hospitality Industry Business Related Issues, Part 2

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This course examines the theory of human resources management and relates the theories to practice in management functions such as employment planning, recruitment and selection of staff, training and development,and compensation. Current trends and problems are also explored. The course provides students with the fundamentals necessary to effectively administer the human resources function of an organization, and also develops their abilities to perform effectively in teams. In addition,this course will also introduce students to service quality management frameworks and principles. It will examine how they are reflected in key organizational and management strategies, particularly those related to the management of the retail workforce.


Core Competency: Introduction to human resource and customer service operations

  1. Understand the role of human resources and importance of human resources management in the hospitality industry;
  2. Describe the factors of affecting employee recruitment and selection efforts to staffing for hospitality security and housekeeping operations;
  3. Examine the relationship between service quality and costumers’ satisfaction.



Core Competency: Apply customer service operations knowledge into industry

  1. Can measure service quantity and costumers’ satisfaction level
  2. Build up feedback system and recovery system, collect feedbacks and manage failure service from recovery
  3. Matching service quality with strategy, and be able to develop positive customer relationship.

Course Content

1. Overview of Human Resources Management Part 1 (6 Hours)
Overview of Human Resources Management Part 2 (6 Hours)
3. Securing Human Resources (10 Hours)
4. Human Resources in Action- Training Program (7 Hours)
5. Human Resources in Action- Compensation Programs (7 Hours)
6. Human Resources in Action- Performance Management and Employee (7 Hours)
7. Special Human Resources Concerns (10 Hours)
8. Introduction of Customer Service Operations (7 Hours)
9. Customer Service Operations Part 1 (7 Hours)
10. Customer Service Operations Part 2 (8 Hours)

Human Resources Management in the Hospitality Industry by David K. Hayes, Jack D. Ninemeier

Method of Evaluation 

Type   Number % value
  Assignments  2  20%
  Quizzes  2  15%
  Tests  1  15%
  Final Project  1  20%
  Final Exam  1  30%

Teaching Method 

Method Number of Hours
  Lecture  75

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