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Travel and Tour Operations

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Inclusive travel packages provide clients with convenient, economical travel options. Students are introduced to the travel distribution system and the role of the travel agency and the travel counsellor in the sale of the travel product. Through the use of appropriate technology, workshops and lectures, as well as the operations of common professional systems (Sabre, Amadeus, Apollo, and etc.), focus is placed on the various components of package tours, travel insurance and legal responsibilities.


Core Competency: Travel agency and its operations

  1. Define the travel aggregators, know about the meaning, role, and importance of travel agency
  2. Understand the current trends in retail operations, and systems used in travel industry.
  3. Know rules and regulations for approval of a travel agency and tour operator



Core Competency: Ability to use professional system in travel agency operations

  1. Be familiar with commands used in Sabre, Amadeus, Apolla;
  2. Search airline and display general information by using different systems;
  3. Prepare and issue accurately routine tickets and other travel documentation to clients.

Course Content

1. Introduction to Travel Agency (6 Hours)
2. Functions and Structure of a Travel Agency and Tour Operator, and different sectors of the travel and tourism industry (10 Hours)
3. Employment role in the travel industry (8 Hours)
4. Consuming Tourism and Travel Product (10 Hours)
5. Tour packing concept (7 Hours)
6. Sabre Basic Functionality (10 Hours)
7. Amadeus Basic Functionality (6 Hours)
8. Amadeus Advance Functionality (6 Hours)
9. Apollo for Travel Professional Part 1 (6 Hours)
10. Apollo for Travel Professional Part 2 (6 Hours)

Sabre Basic Course


Amadeus Travel Agency Basic Functionality Course


Apollo for Professional

Method of Evaluation 

Type Number % value
  Assignments  3  60%
  Quizzes  3  15%
  Final Exam  1  25%

Teaching Method 

Method Number of Hours
  Lecture  45
  Lecture  45

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