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Web Designs and Development

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Course work provides an introduction to beginning web design and web development. Students will learn hard skills such as HTML 5 and CSS, and soft skills such as web design and publishing to the Web. By the end of the course students will have the tools they need to build their skills in the fields of web design, web development and web graphics.


  • Know the basics of HTML
  • Know the basics of CSS
  • Know the basics of Web Design

Core Competency: Ability to create lists using HTML

  1. Ability to create Ordered Lists
  2. Ability to create Unordered Lists
  3. Ability to create Description Lists

Core Competency: Ability to code CSS effectively

  1. Understanding CSS Selectors and Declarations
  2. Designing Color Values using CSS
  3. Solving Issues with CSS coding



Be able to build their own website using hard and soft skills learned in course

  • Creating web pages with HTML5
  • Configuring text, colour and page layout with Cascading Style Sheets

Core Competency: Understanding Web Design Basics

  1. Be able to explain principles of visual design
  2. Be able to design to provide for accessibility
  3. Understanding how to design for different target audiences

    Terry Felke- Morris, Basics of Web Design: HTML5 & CSS3 5th Edition (2019)

Method of Evaluation 

Type  Number  % value
  Team Project   1   20%
  Tests   2   30%
  Weekly Discussions   10   10%
  Graded Homework   15   15%
  Final Examination   1   25%

Teaching Method 

Method  Number of Hours
  Lecture   35
  Seminar   15
  Supervised Lab   20

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